We believe

that constant play does not improve your game, but hinders it through poor repetition. Therefore, we focus on developing strong fundamental skills through proper muscle-memory repetition, while emphasizing proper technique.  All training plans will be personalized to enhance individual progress and development. So, whether you're looking for a complete skill development plan, or choose to focus on a specific skill like ball handling, moving without the ball, or playing the post,  T2S Basketball Academy is the program for you. Players will increase their performance through game related drills, which will prepare them to compete at a high level. T2S basketball Academy is neither a camp nor clinic. It's an educational approach that specializes in enhancing individual progress and overall confidence which will result on and off the basketball court.

T2S Basketball Academy was created with a goal to provide a performance-based training program, that will help athletes succeed through discipline and hard work.
— Larry Umaña and Nathan Lopez